Sunday, March 10, 2013

Friends or Frenemies?

Group dynamics are a fickle thing. One moment everybody has your back but when one person voices their reservations, people are quick to follow suit. Of course I'm being over dramatic.

The app idea is new and scary. The thought of how difficult it may be to create an app is almost overwhelming. Convincing the team of my vision and mission, I thought, would be an easy task. I mean, we're all hip to technology and we understand how quickly things go viral in this day and age. 

One member of the team isn't convinced that our app is worth pursuing. He says this class is about launching a company and trying to get into revenue, and although I empathize with him, I don't think he sees the big picture. He wants to start and online business selling vapes and I totally agree that if we did so we would hit revenue by the end of the semester. But after that, I don't see the business going anywhere. The market is quickly becoming saturated and as an ex-vape user who knows many other store owners, I know that the margins are razor thin.

Some nights I feel like he totally gets our idea and the potential to CHANGE THE WORLD. And other nights he just seems checked out. Hopefully I can find a way to explain to him how profound our app can be.

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