Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm a business consultant!

I had a meeting today at the SBDC, that's small business development center, down in Irvine. It's called TriTech and they business consult for client who have tech ideas. I wasn't there for myself though, it was for another client I'm working for. I'm helping him create a business plan and presentation so he can pitch his idea to investors to secure growth capital. This is a paying gig that I got because of a referral from one of my professors. Pretty awesome that I get to use my entrepreneurial skills and all the knowledge I learned over the years to help another entrepreneur grow his business. Sitting in on the meeting, I felt like somewhat of an expert. Mind you I was sitting around the table with 2 business veterans of over 30 years each and I knew exactly where they were going with the conversation and I even contributed valuable information during the meeting.

Anyways, the main reason I post this is to say that I can leverage the SBDC for Freshn. I never realized that there are government funded business development centers that are free! I love free!

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